The sacred tree story

By: Yus R. Ismail

  To the west of the village there is a mountain which is not that big. Called a mountain is perhaps not appropriate because the area is too small. More precisely called a hill. But, the villagers, long ago until now, called it Mount Beser.

  Even though the area is small, don't ask who are the residents who have entered Mount Beser. They will shudder just imagining his awesomeness. They, from grandparents to children, have memorized the stories of the awesomeness of Mount Beser.

  During the Dutch occupation, in my village there was a figure who fought the Dutch and fought alone without troops. This person was named Jayasakti. Of course this figure becomes the target of the Dutch to be arrested and imprisoned. Jayasakti fled from the village to Mount Beser and hid so that the Dutch would not inflict anger on the people of his village. Many years Dutch troops and soldiers surrounded Mount Beser, but Jayasakti never gave up. The Dutch troops, guided by criminals, once tracked Jayasakti into the mountain. However, no one from those who survived. Smart people say that Jayasakti meditates and his body becomes a fragrant tree whose smell is carried by the wind around the mountain.

  Since the story was believed to be true, no one was residents dare to enter the greatness of Mount Beser. They respect the struggle that Mbah Jayasakti had done. Besides, it was said, they were afraid to enter the mountain because of that In the past there were some people who were looking for firewood desperate to enter. However, he had the same fate as the Dutch troops and those men, he could not return. Anyone will be careful when it comes to Mount Beser. The firewood seekers and grass mowers only venture to the foot of the mountain.

  Since I remember, the story that is known to all the villagers also includes the charisma of Mount Beser. Every certain night, he said, from Mount Beser a very cool light comes out. Only certain people saw the light. It is said that a person can see the light with his mind's eye, he is a wise and highly knowledgeable person. If there is only one of the villagers who can see the light, it means Mbah Jayasakti, as the villagers call the inhabitants of Mount Beser, protecting the village. However, there are people who carelessly violate the silence of Mount Beser, Mbah Jayasakti can be angry. Never mind cutting trees without permission, just go into the mountain will be kualat. Mbah Jayasakti might consider him a Dutch spy. That is why the villagers are so afraid of disturbing the tranquility of Mount Beser.

   For me, Mount Beser holds its own memories. Since I was 5 years old, I often slept at my grandfather's house. Every dawn my grandfather woke me up and asked me to go to the little mosque beside me rice fields. Sometimes I still feel sleepy, when I come down from the house, I am always amazed to see Mount Beser standing firmly. I feel the freshness of the morning, the smell of the leaves and the smell of the earth is the distinctive smell of seeing Mount Beser. I always hoped that as soon as I got out of the house I could see the mountain glow.

   After praying, Grandpa used to control the rice fields. I always stalked him from behind without saying much. Perhaps the other children would complain that the water and the rice fields were cold. However, I didn't. I love the freshness of the water and air. Not infrequently I take a shower in the rice field shower.

   From the wide embankment, I saw how Mount Beser, which was like a black giant statue, gradually the light was not from the sun, but came out of my own heart. Every time I see the swaying leaves, I often daydream of seeing Jayasakti praying on banana leaves.

   For the rice fields in my village, water doesn't have to be fought over. Mount Beser provides abundant water. The name Mount Beser itself means to bring out water continuously. The springs are on the foot of the mountain drains a sizable river. Some of that water flowed into the village to fill the bathtub. The rest are still abundantly irrigate rice fields and ponds. Apart from that, there are still many small springs that are used by residents as showers.

   Therefore, there has never been any news of farmers fighting because of the scramble for water. Grandfathers and other farmers also often controlled rice fields early in the morning. They don't control the fear of drought rice fields, but check if there are small holes or holes Made ketam. Or who knew there was an otter attacking the pond. Usually the fish predator leaves the fish's head on the ripening. If that happens, the anger of the farmers will not be unstoppable. The beaver will be hunted by the villagers.

   I've seen farmers hunt beavers several times or rats. They bloated the whole hole. If any The hunt is coming out, people are chasing while screaming. Of course batsmen don't miss out on action. Once hunted, dozens Rats or otters can be obtained.

     When the harvest arrives, every farmer who has a large rice field will to give thanks. The neighbors are invited. Fish caught or chickens are slaughtered. I'm always happy. In addition to often being brought by Grandpa to thankful place, I was happy with the days in the rice fields. Children the whole village diverts playgrounds to rice fields. Some are make propellers, play music with trumpets small stems of rice, or hunting bekers. I've follow the whole game. I play with the kid from any group. Everyone in the village knows each other, including children.

     For children, rice fields are the most memories. We had an afternoon shower in the rice field shower. Every afternoon, except friday, the children learned to lent at the mosque, Grandpa initially teaching, but was eventually continued by Kang Hasim. I became golden boy when Kang Hasim taught. Aside from Kang Hasim, I learned to ing from Grandpa, for me to be paid is nothing new. Before school, every night Grandpa taught me. Then the lesson given by Kang Hasim to other children is often a the things I've memorized are true.

    Coming home from controlling the rice fields, I was invited by Grandpa for a walk to market that is open once a week grandpa buys various necessities a day and I always have good snacks. Otherwise the cake is compatible, I choose pukis cake. The traders gave a pack of great cake before I choose.

   I felt at that time grandpa was a man who was respected by villagers. Anyone would nod respectfully if Meet Grandpa in the rice fields, while controlling, grandpa's water becomes a place ask if there is a problem. And grandpa is the one who decides whether a rat or an otter that starts to damage it should be hunted Fresh or not.

   Often Grandpa is also asked to treat people Who Pain. Especially if it hurts it's because of the delicate creatures that 'play. Play: If there is a man who is dissed by the inhabitants of Mount Besar, They took him to grandpa's house. I don't know how Grandpa treat it. Maybe he uses prayer, but it's not uncommon Grandpa took the sick to Mr. Mantri's house. The peace of my village began to grow as the road was connecting with sub-district cities and district cities enlarged and paved Indeed the asphalt alakadarnya, not as good Now. But that path provides its own turmoil. Downstream farmers homecoming to the district city selling produce. Teenage children do not few then proceeded to the city. Development factories are increasingly being informed by sub-district people.

    The introduction of my village to the outside world, made it clear to the people that there was a lot going on out there. The need for life is increasing. My village is getting busier. Chat Casual chat in the rice fields or in the mosque after prayer is rarely done parents. When the harvest arrives, the invitation of gratitude The harvest is only done by a segetintir of people, no longer a rarely a village party.

   That increasingly urgent need is forcing the population to the village to function everything it has. Graduates schools from the city plan to create integrated farms in involving the entire population. Foot management The mountain was done with sewers Construction of mineral water and textile factories began to be made by city people. I've been a teenager since then.

   Disputes between residents began to be felt when the movers development graduates from the city plan to open part of Mount Beser, for the expansion of agricultural land and factory needs. Many residents disagree. However, few support it.

"Now is the time to build for the sɑke of progress. We will never be able to move forward if we are still afraid of things. bsurd things" So ɑmong them ɑre the usuɑl words sɑid the drivers of development ɑnd the districts the expɑnsion of the plɑnt.

"Whɑt to feɑr from the inhɑbitɑnts of Mount Beser? Their he has given what he has. Abundant water, fertile soil, and fresh air. We can't take advantage of because we are afraid of things that need not be feared," they said.

    More and more residents are supporting the opening Mount Beser. Some still respect the charisma of Mt. Beser, come to grandpa's house. They're in love with Grandpa's opinion. I Don't know what grandpa said before they got home. The next day Representatives of the development committee came to grandpa's house. Their Know that Grandpa is the key to this problem. People who do not
agreed with the opening of Mount Beser will only listen to What Grandpa said.

   I'm not so clear on what they're talking about. However, from the increasing tone of voice, I know that they're on a high. I peered at the event from the room cubicle. I prepare to jump in case they commit violence against Grandpa. However, the incident I daydreamed about did not happen. They came home after first turning on Grandpa. The next day I just found out that Grandpa approved the partial opening of Mount Beser.

"It’s ɑ tough time ɑt the moment," Grɑndpɑ sɑid when I ɑsked. Why did grandpa approve of the partial opening of Mount Beser. "More ɑnd more people need to live ɑnd more people feel smɑrt. However, the smart people do not know about wisdom. They do not realize that most of the humans in this world are below the standards of the intelligence of Mbah Jayasakti's Story is still needed to protect Mt.

      I don't understand what grandpa said. At night the next day Grandpa told me that Mbah Jayasakti and the hubris Mount Beser doesn't exist. I increasingly don't understand with Grandpa. Then why didn't Mount Beser open?

"Mount Beser would be mɑd if it opened," Grɑndpɑ sɑid.
"Kɑn Mbɑh Jɑyɑsɑkti ɑnd the hubris does not exist."
"Yes, no. However, Mount Beser will still be angry if Good hotel"
"Why would Grandpa approve?"
"They promised to open up to the border of the foot of the mountɑin only."

  The opening of The Foot of Mount Beser will be done with I'm not going to go back to work. Large power and funding assistance from the factory welcomed by the community. The increasingly rare occurrence is marked thankfully the village led by the regent On purpose. No strange events during the opening foot of the mountain. Plants thrive because the soil is fertile and abundant water. Houses built because of factories require many workers who are mostly brought in from other areas.

  The drivers of the development received praise from almost all the villagers. They are talked about at every meeting official and unofficial. Grandpa died a short time later the grandfather's death was not bring great attention from the population. I'm a little jealous of development drivers who have stolen they did.

   The success of agriculture and factories gives luxury for my village. Public facilities built Many the house has a television plane. More and more children are continue school in the city Trust that the hubris of Mount Beser was not there, prompting residents to open the Mountain Beser goes further. New farms opened, houses built, a company that utilizes a large spring
built, the permits of the organizers of Mount Beser are increasingly owned by
People. Big trees felled. The un permission, trade Wood in secret.

  Mount Beser glows day and night. Sunlight reflects buildings and dry areas. Night illuminated by the excitement of electricity. The villagers including me, welcome that progress. They, including me, were unaware that in the village there is increasingly news of fights farmers scrambling for water, teenagers drop out of school confused find work because it works on farmland that is increasingly not Fertile it feels low, the coming season is no longer friendly Suddenly I felt that such a thing was not part of from my village.

   Drought in the dry season and minor floods in the season the rain is no longer familiar. The residents did not give up. Natural must be conquered. Fans and refrigerators are a necessity in dry season. A small dam was built to the rainy season. Suddenly I felt that friendship with nature disappeared from my village dictionary.

   The resistance to nature ended when the year researchers called El Nino it arrived. Drought burned my village, Many buildings and land were scorched. When the rainy season comes The big flood struck the house just looks like the roof. I was sitting on the roof of the house when the help of dozens of boats arrived.

   I can only record events like that without understand what has happened. Like other teenagers in the village, I confusion with many things. One thing is for sure, we should be more Close to nature so nature is friendlier to us. Trees are sacred, must be respected, respected, guarded Maintained. Without catastrophic trees will happen more often We. Mbah Jayasakti should be turned into a science consciousness. Grandpa That's right, people just feel smart when they're not.

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