Sample Text of an Experiment Report About Making a Pencil Holder From Used Wood

Sample Text of an Experiment Report About Making a Pencil Holder From Used Wood. Hello, this time the admin will give you a little sample text of the test report and the text of this report explains about Making a Pencil Case From Used Wood Hopefully it can help and add insight to all of your friends and the following is an example of the test report text.

Making a Pencil Case From Used Wood

    Wood is a material that has a high value or price for normal or special use in production or use; goods damaged or defective during manufacturing; or redundant material or wake up. (Dictionary of Environmental Terms, 1994). 

   Art from used goods is one type of artwork by individuals or groups whose materials consist of used goods. Used goods art was first introduced by Wensislaus Makur, a Flores born. He is a former construction worker in Bali. Wensislaus Makur makes a unique bag from plastic rice bag waste, to penetrating European consumer markets.

  Wooden crafts are packaging materials used to protect a product during distribution from producers to consumers. This wood is made from natural materials which are known not to be easily damaged. Even so, scattered wood can still cause problems that can disturb the cleanliness and beauty of the environment. In Indonesia, the use of wood is still not done optimal. In fact, the unused wood can be reused through the recycling process.

  Businesses with used raw materials are still very minimal, in fact Used goods that we encounter everyday are actually reusable. Lots of people who underestimate the use of items made of used goods can reduce the pile of garbage, but something big is not possible without something small right? Therefore, handicraft from used goods is quite a lucrative business. There are actually quite a lot of used goods enthusiasts because they want to be able to participate in reducing waste. This handicraft business from used materials does not need large capital because it only requires used goods as materials and high creativity.

This art business from used goods is a category in selling expertise, so that creativity is needed to design this art. In addition, it is not easy to become an entrepreneur of this product, because you must be able to read the environmental situation external. This is the fundamental key to success. The art of used goods is classified as an alternative to making additional income by opening your own business. However, it requires sacrifice of time, effort, and cost if the system being built fails.

Next we will make a creation by making a pencil box from used wood with the following steps: 

Tools and Materials:

1. A few wooden branches
2. Wood glue
3. The used cardboard tissue holder is in the form of a tube or block
4. Triplok
5. Hammer
6. Small nails


1. Cut wooden twigs with a length of approximately 10-15 cm. Make as many pieces of wood as possible

2. Glue all the surface of the used tissue cardboard

3. Place the pieces of wood across the surface of the cardboard tube vertically. Keep it tight and stick tight.

4. Make a base of wooden planks with a hammer

5. Color as you like 


By doing the steps above as a result the wooden pencil box is finished can be used to store pencils, pens, erasers and other writing tools from messy.


This pencil box is more economical than the pencil cases that we buy in stores and in markets, This craft can also be used as a business opportunity for those who want to experience it.

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